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Automotive Soft-Pak Returnable Dunnage
John Johnson has been designing and manufacturing returnable dunnage since 1989.Our present customers include large automotive companies & 2nd tier suppliers, as well as non-automotive manufacturing companies and numerous rack manufacturers and packaging houses from all over the United States. We also work closely with engineering firms who program and project manage for the automotive industry.

John Johnson has been involved with total project management. We have taken a project from design to completion, incorporating not only the soft dunnage portion (pouches) but also the hard dunnage portion (rack assemblies). We have been innovative in the industry with hammock assemblies for seat pallets, as well as collapsible rack assemblies for space saving applications. Our materials range from lightweight Tyvek® materials to heavy duty automotive spec'd 22 oz. and 30 oz. fabrics for preserving Class A surfaces and maintaining long term programs.

Returnable dunnage remains a substantial portion of our business. Our dunnage background and expertise will provide to you a supplier who not only understands the business, but also is continually pursuing new designs and advanced ideas to better serve the automotive industry.

The Benefits of Returnable Dunnage Transportation

  • More cost effective than disposable packaging
  • Optimizes space utilization
  • Reduces material handling
  • Reduces waste and disposal costs for end user
  • Provides capabilities for outdoor as well as indoor storage
  • Designed to be multi-functional and/or contoured
  • Improves just-in-time, on-line, and inventory sequencing
  • Dunnage can be fabricated from a variety of materials that can best suit your company's needs for material handling

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